Paula Schiller Gowans,
Greens Candidate for Kiama Council

  • The Meaning of "Commonwealth" Sep 15, 2012

    Here is a link to an article about who really built what we have now in response to the US Republicans claiming that "business" built everything. Click here to go to Guernica article or read excerpt below.
  • Not quite there Sep 10, 2012

    Looks like I didn't make it. But two Greens were elected with a slightly higher vote than last time, which is great. I received a very respectable number of primary votes for which I am both proud and grateful.

    I would like to use this site to monitor and respond to the political life of the community. So for the moment, please stay tuned.
  • Art night Sep 06, 2012

    Friday marks the end of pre-polling and I plan to be at the Kiama Pavilion all afternoon. From there I run up to the Leagues Club for the opening of the Kiama Art Society's Annual Exhibition. It promises to be a very nice evening of good art, music, food, and drink. I have a little drawing there that I'm particularly proud of.

    From there I should go 
  • History Saves Perry Aug 31, 2012

    Perry Iowa has something like 30 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. It has a modern sculpture garden and a thriving arts community. At the centre, at least for tourists, is the Hotel Pattee, a lovingly restored early 20th Century commercial hotel. But the best part is that each room has a historic or commemorative theme.
  • Art & Tourism Successes Aug 30, 2012

    While in the US this month visiting family, I went to two places where the Chambers of Commerce and the arts communities have joined to make their towns tourism magnets. 
  • Keep community assets in community hands Aug 09, 2012

    It makes no sense in either the short or long term to privatise community assets like the Leisure Centre or Community Transport. Community members who paid for the services and infrastructure will be priced out if the demand for profit over-rides the common good. Here is a link to a recent Kiama Greens statement on "selling the family silver".
  • Don't believe the myths Aug 09, 2012

    You know you're making your opponents worry when they make things up about you. Here is a link to a mythbusting page about local Greens.
  • A case for the arts Jul 28, 2012

    While researching some quotes about civilisation, I came across two blog posts by Fiona Stanley. Here is a link to one on why we need the arts.
  • The soul of a society Jul 28, 2012

    The idea that the measure of a society is how it treats its weakest members has been phrased many ways. I found a version attributed to Nelson Mandela in a blog post by Fiona Stanley that you can find at this link. Below are a few more variants on this theme.
  • The Brigadier Jul 18, 2012

  • Strong Greens Ticket Jul 17, 2012

    Twenty Years of Green

    Did you know that Greens have been on Council since 1991? Surveys show that we are pretty happy with our Council and one of the reasons is the presence of the Greens who really do stand up for principles and really try their best to serve the public interest on all issues.

    The Greens candidates are

    Andrew Sloan, an engineer with 20 years of experience with environmental planning and local government.

    Kathy Rice, a science teacher from Kiama Downs with a special passion for increasing localised production of fresh healthy food.

    Paula Schiller Gowans, a respected artist and active member of Kiama’s Cultural Board, who has years of experience in urban design, heritage planning,and community cultural development.

    Len de Roover, a retired builder, with a commitment to sustainability and the protection of agricultural lands from urban sprawl.

    Pat Dunn, ex-­‐nurse, campaigner against Coal Seam Gas and community worker with Mayflower and other local groups.

    Warren Holder, Chairperson of the Gerroa Environment Protection Society and well known champion windsurfer.