Paula Schiller Gowans,
Greens Candidate for Kiama Council

Art & Tourism Successes August 30, 2012

While in the US this month visiting family, I went to two places where the Chambers of Commerce and the arts communities have joined to make their towns tourism magnets. 
Arts and Cultural attractions tend to be respectful of the visitors and in turn, the tourists  tend to be respectful of the host community and the environment. This was certainly the case in Perry, Iowa and Door County, Wisconsin. Door County is a big place made up of several small towns and caters to the whole range of summer, coastal recreational pursuits, but it does especially well in promoting art galleries, craft shops, and local history. 

One example that has similarities with Kiama is a non-profit community art gallery in a heritage building in Ephriam, Wisconsin. It is staffed by volunteers and has huge community support because every year it gives everyone a chance to create an artwork to be placed in a huge mosaic that goes on display until the pieces are sold. The sale is very democratic. The artworks are all the same size and price. Some are by schoolchildren and some by famous artists. Buyers draw a number and get the corresponding artwork. That is works and is a highly prized event illustrates the power of mutual respect generated when everyone can "own" part of the art.

Use this link to go to the Hardy Gallery and get inspired.

Next time the Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa.

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