Paula Schiller Gowans,
Greens Candidate for Kiama Council

Protect Kiama's beautiful  environment and it will pay us back
many times over


I am running for Council on the Greens Ticket because I think local government is crucial to ensuring our community thrives culturally and economically long into the future. In Kiama, the Greens have a proud history of putting the community's needs first, especially the need for a beautiful, clean, and healthy environment.

For me, "environment", includes our cultural and social surroundings. I love the cultural richness and vibrancy of our community. Each of the towns and villages has its own vibe that deserves fostering through cultural initiatives in the arts and creative industries. The arts are a growth area that contributes to all that's good and joyful about our community.

Here are the dot points:

  • Preserve Kiama’s aesthetic and environmental wealth.
  • Resist the assault on local control by one-size-fits-all state planning laws.
  • Protect the character of historic precincts, not just isolated heritage items.
  • Foster the arts and creative industries as obvious growth areas that contribute to all that’s great about living in our area.
  • Encourage family-friendly cultural and outdoor tourism. If it's good for the kids, it's probably good for everyone.
  • .Resist converting our beautiful, fertile, food-producing farmland into urban sprawl.
  • Encourage local food production and increase local resilience by reducing dependence non-renewable energy.
  • Resist over-development and ad hoc planning decisions that threaten the character of our unique towns and villages.
  • Oppose selling off community assets and building out our remaining green spaces and parks.
  • Maintain the integrity of Council processes by insisting on broad-based community consultation, transparent decision-making, and accountability.
  • Protect Kiama from amalgamation by maintaining Council’s reputation for good governance, sound financial management, and consistent application of its own policies.
  • Work hard for you, actually attend the meetings, master the paperwork, and provide substantive reports on Council-funded travel and education opportunities.

These are some of the things that will "grow" Kiama on a scale that keeps the economy moving without killing the thing we love.